Since 1958, we have maintained a professional real estate sales and investment company. We have over 55 years of experience in property management and have helped many people like you buy, sell, and exchange homes and investment properties. We are members of the San Mateo County Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors.


Our Mission

We are a unique professional real estate sales company, with a philosophy deeply rooted in tradition. Stable conservative business values with a commitment to the success of its sales people and to the prosperity of our clients. We attract a special type of person who seeks knowledge as well as a helping hand. Terrace feels their salespeople are better able to serve their clients needs when they are property investors themselves. We make every effort to be outstanding members of the community.

Our Dedicated Team


Larry Aikins, Broker/Owner

Larry is a graduate of Stanford University and College of San Mateo with degrees in Business Administration, Economics,  and Real Estate.  He has been an active real estate investor with Terrace since 1969. Formerly a member of the Redwood City Planning Commission, he also has been a member of the Board of Redwood City Port Commissioners for 15 years.  He was President of the Redwood City-San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce in both 1982 and 1989, and a Board Member since 1971, as well as CFO since 1991.  He won Redwood City's Person of the Year Award in 1986.  He and his wife Sharon have two married daughters and seven grandchildren who all live in San Diego.

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Eric Ruxton, Broker/Owner

A native Californian, Eric Ruxton was raised on the San Francisco Peninsula.  After obtaining a B.A. degree, Eric followed his dream to acquire real estate.  He first became licensed to practice real estate in 1975.  Eric has been continuously selling, listing, exchanging, renting and managing real estate for forty years.  He specializes in residential income properties. His expertise, advice, and mentorship are highly sought after by his clientele and colleagues.

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Grant Anderson

Grant Anderson is a native of the Bay Area. With two degrees and a lengthy professional career in real estate since 1976, he specializes in single tenant net leases and 1031 exchanges.

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Denette Bartoli

Denette Bartoli is lifelong Peninsula resident and knows the neighbourhoods inside-out.  She loves where she lives and understands the desirability to live here.  Denette specializes in real estate sales, purchases, investments, rentals and property management throughout the Bay Area.

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Karl Dresden

Experience, education, and with the help of Terrace Associates, Inc., Karl is uniquely positioned to be of greatest help to clients. Formerly a student at UC Berkley and Sonoma State, Karl received his Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Sociology. In 1975 he began full time work in real estate sales. Early on, he obtained “Million Dollar Sales” status, which was much harder to achieve in those days, when the average home sales price was 10% of what it is today.  He has continued in real estate investment and sales service ever since then. He enjoys bringing happiness to his clients by putting their needs first and foremost at all times. Karl prides himself on  honorable dealings, faithfulness in service, and hard work.  

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Daniel Joe

Daniel Joe was born and raised in San Francisco, and later moved to the San Mateo peninsula.  An active real estate broker associate for 15 years, Daniel teamed up with Terrace Associates for their experience and long-time establishment of 57 years. Daniel specializes in representing sales and purchases of single family homes and multi-unit commercial properties.  Daniel’s meticulous attention to detail and result-oriented nature stems from 25 years of business ownership in the Bay Area fitness/martial arts industry.  Bringing integrity, discipline, and quality service to the real estate profession; Daniel helps his clients realize their goals.

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Shelley Love

Born and raised in Arkansas, Shelley Love is an artist and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  Shelley was awarded several scholarships due to her talent; most notably, a fellowship to Yale University Summer School of Music and Art in 1990. Shelley has been working as the administrative assistant and notary public at Terrace Associates, Inc. since 2004. Shelley has been, and continues to be an integral part of the Terrace team.       

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Tim McKeegan

Timothy John McKeegan is a Real Estate Broker who has been providing real estate investment advice for over forty years. As a lifelong resident he is familiar with the benefits of owning and investing in peninsula real estate.



John A. McMullen

A Redwood City native, John has been a real estate investor and property manager on the Peninsula for over 25 years.  John is thoroughly knowledgeable with the Peninsula’s unique real estate market and approaches his role as a Realtor with enthusiasm and integrity. Serving over thirty years as a California Law Enforcement Officer, John’s diversified background in the real estate field and the law enforcement/legal profession allows him to accurately and ethically represent his clients in a wide variety of transactions and financial commitments. John strives to create value for his clients by anticipating their needs and using comprehensive communications skills to listen, resolve issues, and maintain relationships. As a Realtor and property manager, John McMullen is both diligent in his real estate practice and committed to the profession.

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Mia Meier

Mia Meier has a B.A. in business administration from a private college in Zurich/Switzerland, and a B.A. in education from the college of Notre Dame. She is well versed in four languages including; Italian, French, German, and English. She is a licensed real estate agent since 1980 and has an in-depth knowledge of local communities. Mia is an accomplished negotiator and appraiser and is experienced in sales, listings, and real estate management.

 (650) 704-7393 

Jim OConner_9213_2.WEB.jpg

Jim O'Connor

Jim has been an active as a real estate licensee in California since 1969. He is a graduate of the Realtors Institute (GRI), and is a certified residential specialist (CRS). With considerable experience in this market, having sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property in the area from Lake County to San Jose, CA, he is a lifetime member of the Realtors Million Dollar Club, and formerly  a Chairman of the Realtors Trade Exchange Club, as well as director of the Peninsula Exchangers. He has served as a Director of  REIL Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Organization and is also a past member of the MLS Operating Committee. He currently holds a position as a member of the SamCar Legislation Committee. Jim specializes in buyer and seller representation, including probate and tax deferred exchanges, prope-rty management and general real estate brokerage.

(650) 619-2830


Tom Sudano

Tom has been in the real estate business for 35 years and a California licensed real estate broker for over 15 years. He specializes in  tax-deferred exchanges, marketing, income properties and evaluating your real estate investments as part of your whole financial picture. Tom is dedicated to representing you and your property with both honesty and integrity, and will be deeply committed to either the sale or purchase of your new home or investment property. 

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